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Southern California Criminal Defense Attorneys:
What is it that makes The Rollins Law Group so successful?

First and foremost, we prepare every client’s case for trial, rather than rushing to accept a plea bargain. Extensive preparation, combined with a willingness to do whatever it takes on behalf of our clients, goes a long way, too. Although the vast majority of cases do not ultimately go to trial, our belief is that preparation plus hard work equals great results.

Our Southern California criminal defense attorneys handle matters in State, Federal, Military and Juvenile courts throughout California. And, while most attorneys practice in many areas of law (such as civil litigation, family law etc), our focus is entirely on criminal defense and our DUI attorneys are known for their results.

Every day we see that innocent people are unfairly convicted. The evening news, the newspapers and the internet are full of these horror stories. It’s a disgrace, but there are currently approximately two million men and women in jails and prisons nationwide. Even the most conservative estimate is that at least 1% of those incarcerated may be innocent, and many believe the number is much, much greater than that estimate.

By that calculation, there are at least twenty thousand innocent people in jail or prison right now… and that may be a very conservative estimate. How has this happened, and what can be done about it?

At The Rollins Law Group, we level the field. Our Southern California criminal defense attorneys are accustomed to taking on some of the most difficult and challenging cases, and with that we have achieved remarkable results. We never give up, we never give in, and our clients are very grateful for that approach.

If you or someone you know has been (or may be) charged with a serious criminal offense, our Southern California Criminal Defense Attorneys encourage you to call now for a free initial consultation. It has been our experience that early intervention is critical to a successful resolution. We’re not retained just to put on a great effort or to try our best. We’re hired to win. A successful resolution. That is what drives The Rollins Law Group. Winning.

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